She's done it, lads! She's finally let it go.

Welcome 👀

Yes! After nine long years of dragging my ageing blog through the rapidly-changing landscape of the internet by its hair, I finally decided to stop paying the phenomenally expensive hosting charges and let the millennial pink hues of ellainthebigcity fade away.

After a couple of years of posting mediocre content as and when, I wanted to make myself more accountable and start sharing something worthwhile for the people who want to read my silly little words.

Never one to shy away from admitting my mistakes, I’m going to write them all down, no matter how excruciating. Within each experience is a lesson - so I’m going to share that too, in the hope that you’ll either identify with me or tell yourself you’re not going to be so stupid. I really want to make you laugh, too.

This will also be a place to share the things I’m writing for work at the moment, as well as a space to tell you what’s exciting me and what’s truly pissing me off. There will be opportunity to share your own life lessons - see link below. I can’t pretend I know it all, and my short existence is by no means a holistic view of what we can learn and grow from.

I’m sure someone will ask. The title of this newsletter is a direct quote of what comes out of my mouth on the reg. Despite being a writer who depends on words for a living, I can’t remove the lazy colloquialism from my gob.

It might be bi-weekly or monthly. Look - don’t worry about the details so much, love. Just sit back and enjoy, yeah?

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The things I learn along the way aren’t going to encapsulate all that life can teach you. I want to hear from you! To share something important you’ve learnt while giving life a good go, submit it to the form below and see it featured in the newsletter.


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Thank you!